Strategy@Work 2020 had a full day packed with inspiring conversations with top global leaders.
The event mixed interactive sessions, engaging panels and cozy fireside chats.

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09:00-10:00 EDT
Main Stage

Full Engagement Leadership – Michelle Stacy in conversation with Whitney Johnson

Only people can generate growth and innovate. Yet employees are the most undervalued resources. Gallup estimates that 85% of employees are disengaged. Why do leaders let their employees become disengaged? How can leaders engage their people fully to drive their business success?

10:30-11:15 EDT
Main Stage

Second Era of the Digital Age & the Transformation of Work

Technology is rapidly transforming the rules of business success. The next era of digital is here to bring radical shifts in the way we lead our organizations and manage talent. How can leaders stay ahead of the wave and create a better future for their people?

11:30-12:15 EDT
Main Stage

Beyond Innovation Theatre: Transforming Organizations to Achieve Growth and Impact

Most companies invest in disconnected innovation activities that fail to produce any significant impact. These programs are seldom grounded in strategic intent and supported by powerful organizational structures. In this session Alex Osterwalder will outline how leaders can design an innovation culture, invest in innovation portfolios, and navigate organizational structures, while managing the existing business.

12:30-13:30 EDT
Main Stage

Transforming for Sustainability: Tom Szaky in conversation with Sunil Prashara

To stay relevant and grow, organizations must generate positive social and environmental impact. Can the C-suite solve social causes that plague us today? How can they leaders transform their organizations that proactively address social causes in a meaningful and impactful way?

14:00-14:45 EDT
Main Stage

Transformation on the Frontlines: A Perspective from Healthcare

The world has now realized that health workers are “Miracle workers”. Panelists from healthcare industry will reflect and share their experience of leading from the ground zero. Opening statement statement will be delivered by Prof. Tabrizi.

15:00-15:45 EDT
Main Stage

Exponential Change & The New Science of Adaptive Intelligence

What are the technological and social drivers of accelerating change, and how can leaders and organizations respond by boosting their AQ (Adaptability Quotient)™?

16:00-17:00 EDT
Main Stage

Fireside Chat Dr. Janet Yellen in conversation with Amin Toufani

Financial institutions and their leaders provide the society with the instruments to stay afloat and push through the crisis mode. These times of increased uncertainty and market volatility call for a steady hand at the tiller, essential for people to survive, transform and prosper. What is the global impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and how can we build-up momentum to build a better post-crisis world?

10:00-10:45 EDT

Education 2.0 – How will it work

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a deep education divide between the “haves” and “have-nots.” As the education industry adapts and transforms, what are the new models that will emerge? And which ones would succeed?

10:30-11:15 EDT

Advancing Women’s Leadership

Leading a successful and engaged organization means recognizing that women are a powerful force in transforming organizations . How can leaders actively encourage women leaders, drive equity and build a culture of inclusion?

11:00-11:45 EDT

Transforming the New World Order

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed glaring gaps between the developed and developing economies. How will the power equation change the world? Will we look towards local solutions instead of thinking global?Our experts will shine a spotlight on emerging economies and how they are re-defining how we innovate and transform.

11:30-12:00 EDT

Unlocking Blockchain with Don Tapscott

Blockchain promises trust, transparency and accountability. While most executives understand the potential of blockchain technology, what can they do to harness the positive power of the blockchain today?

11:30-12:15 EDT

Social Impact & Purpose: New Pillars for Transformation

The global economic crises, prevailing pandemics and climate change have further deepened the divide between the haves and have-nots. Will the current situation force us to rethink the purpose of business and innovations? How can we develop organizations that are embedded in social good, much before the next global crisis hits?

13:30-14:15 EDT

Adapting to the New Normal: Enabling the Citizen Developer to Accelerate Business Transformation

We live in the age of transformation. Every sector and every type of industry is being disrupted by a digital revolution. This session will explore the rise of the Citizen Developer.

14:00-14:45 EDT

New Frontiers in Space Exploration

This global leadership panel will discuss the challenges, changes, and innovations to space exploration. The last year has witnessed a new dynamism to space exploration. There is enhanced international participation, more engagement from private industry, and excitement based upon new leadership vision. New frontiers of space exploration will include leaders in the field discussing new capabilities, current space exploration missions, what has changed, what is still the same, and how a new community of professionals is creating a new direction and potential.

14:30-15:15 EDT

Resilient Transformation

Leaders are confronted with the fragility of organizations, institutions and systems, thanks to the global health crisis and its economic and social fallouts. The focus has shifted from efficiency to resilience. How can they measure the value of being resilient and plan to rebuild with resilience in mind? How can leaders build and transform a culture of resilience?

15:00-15:45 EDT

Leading Rapid Organizational Transformations Successfully

Leading organizational transformation takes enormous courage and commitment. Truly engaged leadership involves solving challenges and creating environments in which breakthroughs with lasting results occur. In this panel, you will hear from global leaders of several industries - government, software, telecom and retail - on how they rapidly transformed their organizations for success.

* Session titles and speakers can change closer to the event.